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I think the key point missing there was for a child you perform 1 minute of CPR before dialing 911 if alone. Obviously if someone else is there you send them to the phone while you perform CPR. The thinking here is that if a child has stopped breathing they are in serious trouble as they have a strong respiratory system and if its stopped working they have been in trouble for longer period of time and need immediate help. The other point I guess I wasn't very clear on is how to check for breathing. That is a pretty basic concept. After the head tilt or jaw lift to clear the airway (this you really need to learn in person) you simply put your cheek near the mouth to feel for breaths while looking down the chest to look for chest rises. Coughing/heaving is breathing if there is noise and airflow. Coughing motion with no breath is probably a choking situation. Hope this was helpful but if you can a refresher course was recommended at least every other year.

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