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Lets talk safety...

As the summer progressed last year I started venturing further and further offshore and came to the realization that the basic coast guard safety gear was not nearly enough. I started to assemble a ditch bag that I hope I never need but know I will glad to have if things go south. Below are the items I currently have in the bag and some new items I will be adding this season. What's in your ditch bag and what else do you do to make sure you are as safe as you can be out there?

Currently in the bag (ACR Rapid Ditch Express) :

Handheld VHF
Handheld GPS
Marine Flares
CDs for daytime signalling
Air Horn
First Aid Kit
Bottled Water
Power Bars
Extra Batteries for VHF and GPS

On the way for this year:

ACR Aqufix PLB with built in GPS (This is a great unit as you can take it with you on other boats as it is registered to you not the boat)
ACR Firefly Plus Stroblight
ACR Firefly 2 Stroblight
Blunt Tip Safety Knife

I also have life jackets right next to the bag under the leaning post that can be grabbed within seconds if things are going bad in a hurry.

For myself I got Sospenders for those trips when I am out alone and plan on wearing the PLB in that instance.

What am I missing?

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