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Help!!! Putting the Epoxy/finish on the rod wraps!!

Am into my second rod build... Am at the point of putting on the epoxy/finish on the wraps... Started w/ the standard flexcoat regular epoxy... worked ok, but was difficult to apply and get to flow smoothly... next, tried the Flexcoat-lite - the thinner version that requires 2 applications... that flowed better, but still, only needed one coat, and the flow wasn't as good as I desired. W/ my second rod, I tried the Lite again, and worked to keep temps in the 70's... well, the stuff set up really fast, and was barely able to get to half the rod before it set up... the frist 3 or for wrap sets turned out good, the last 3 i got to looked like s**t..

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have recommendations, or are there otehr finishes/epoxies that are better or easier to work w/?? This second rod's a gift to my brother, and want to do it right...

Thanks for any help!!!
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