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Thanks Grant...

[QUOTE=GrantK]No offense, but again you're trying to simplify something that is not simple. And, the anti-government sentiment, while all too common in a variety of contexts today, is not really as accurate in finding a single monolithic entity at fault as some might hope or believe. Like it or not, the government in this country, local, state, and federal, is government by the people and of the people--even if not always for the people. So in a sense if blaming the government is ultimately like blaming ourselves for allowing what has happened to happen, then I'd agree. But somehow I don't think that's how you meant it.

As one of those "feds", its frustrating to see individuals spout off w/ generalized accusations against or at feds, or any other simply defined group (insert DNR, ODFW, et al.)... As Grant stated - The feds is all of us! Regardless of where you cut your paycheck... the other thing, and i think more important, is the frame work inwhich Grant describes the klamath Basin and its fisheries... The complexities are endless... And I guarantee you could super impose that frame work on ANY system in the OP or Puget Sound River, as well as the Columbia Basin systems, et al... The complexity of the problems and the symptoms are enormous. One will not effectly respond to the challenge w/ simple understandings, nor one liner paragraphs blaming this, that or the other......

next time you see the "feds" as the problem, take a look in the mirror. Whether you want to believe it or not, the "Feds" is you....
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