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dry or wet?

I have caught several salmon using wet flies here (one of them 25 pounds). However, that was many years ago. I prefer to throw dry flies whenever possible and the next to the last day I was in this location I hooked 5 fish doing just that! Clearly, I lost the battle on several of these that chased the fly downstream into the fast water. In fact, I rose some 16 different fish to dry flies over that same two day period.

The only problem with fishing dry flies here is that you tend to screw up the rotation from above. The problem with throwing wet flies here is that you show the fly to the fish for far too long and many tend to slash the water by picking up the cast too soon and landing it too aggressively on the fore cast which tends to put down the fish and or spook them.

A stealthy approach is warranted and perfection in the presentation is a must. It is very easy to have somebody in the rotation put down a lot of fish in a hurry so if you get the chance to go there, make your presentation count With a DRY FLY which is less apt to ruin it for the next guy.
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