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I just finished my 3rd week on the south beach diet. Weighed myself after the end of week 2 and lost exactly 10 pounds. I know the rate of loss decreases dramatically after switching to phase 2 so I won't weigh myself again for another 3 weeks, giving phase 2 a month, and then see how things are going. May end up dropping back to phase 1 for another couple weeks. I've heard that doing 4 weeks of 2, 2 weeks of 1, back to 4 weeks of 2 and so on until you hit your goal weight is a good safe way to go about it if you have a substantial amount to lose. I was at 275 pounds and needed to lose 40 pounds.

I did jones a bit during the first couple of weeks but by the end of that first phase I really don't miss the breads at all. I'm finding that I don't need a replacement in my diet for these, although my wife seems to. I'm thinking it's a psycological thing, tell someone they are being deprived of a certain something and they'll feel that they should be getting something else to replace that.

I've found that if you use a lot of roasted vegetables in your cooking you get that rich, filling experience satisfying both palate and hunger. Add some of these (chilled) to your lunch salads and as snacks with the Hummus and low fat cheese and you won't feel like something is missing.

I take eggplant, red onions, various peppers, squash and mushrooms and cut them rather large, toss in a big bowl with dried herbs, coarse salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil and roast in a single layer on a large sheet pan at 425 degrees until browned and tender. A very satisfying delicious staple.
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