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Originally Posted by Wee Hooker
FWIW, I tied a similar experiment but used a 3" section of 80# mono glued inbetween the strips to keep it from wrapping. Food for thought.

p.s. Mine worked "Ok" but cast like a idaho potato
I know what you mean . I'm hoping that the trimmed fur and non-weighted shank will make it easier to cast.

I don't think I'll have a problem with the tail fouling on this fly. It's actually a little stiffer than I thought it would be. The skin is quite thick on these strips, and I glued them together with Soft Body, which helps reduce flexibility. It does "hinge" a little where it is tied on, but if that causes problems it's an easy fix. With thinner skins it might be necessary to do something to prevent fouling. The mono line sandwich would probably work, or just using a heavier layer of Soft Body might do the trick.

The farther you can cast, the easier it is for a fish to take you into your backing. I seldom see my backing . . .
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