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Originally Posted by griz

I really don't get this constant phenomenon.

A friend from work is jazzed to get into fly fishing this year. He brought in his reel into one of the last "good" local shops in the area to buy some fly line and have them put it on. My friend doesn't know the lingo yet didn't know exactly what type of line to get and got a grumpy "well, you are going to have to do better than that."

Seriously. The wording my friend used was complete noob speak too. Bells and whistles should have gone off in that shop employee's head to be extra helpful and friendly.

A return customer was instantly lost. He was going to stock his fly box up,get tippet and the other bells and whistles too but just had them do the line due to the rudeness. He has no plans to go back unless he is desperate.

I recommended the shop so now I doubt I'll go there anymore either. These places just don't get it that customer service is ALL they have going for them these days. When this is not offered then there is NO REASON not to go online or go to Dick's, Sportman's Warehouse,Cabellas ect.

Exactly. My local shop is in need of some customer Relations help as well. Over the past two years or so I have finally broken thruogh the ICE at our shop and now get treated well. I have spent so much money at the big retail stores and online, that shopping local is almost a thing of the past. Sad.
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