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Good protein/calcium/potassium snacks

One of the things that has helped me a lot is having really delicious protein foods around so when I get the urge to snack I opt for that instead of the candy bar, chips or cookies.

For instance:

1) lightly salted roasted almonds
2) dry roasted peanuts
3) fresh or frozen berries
4) celery sticks
5) small glass of low sodium v8
6) salsa with a couple of low carb crackers
7) taboule, hummus or both together on a low carb cracker
8) beef jerky with some water
9) part skim mozzarella stick (calcium bomb)
10) lean ham or turkey cold cuts (no bread)

Conditioning your appetite to eliminate the bready stuff has huge payback. Basically those carbs are going directly into fat cells unless you are an active athelete.

I've found good substitutes for breads:

a) WASA sesame crisps (1) instead of toast
b) Carrs table water crackers (a couple)
c) wheatsworth crackers (a couple)
d) low carb high protein pita (Joseph's brand my fav)
e) slivered almonds instead of croutons

You can have a little bit of just about anything and do well in an active lifestyle. Or you can have a pretty healthy serving of better foods and feel like you are not missing a thing!
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