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We know those poor suckerfish (which are not native to the basin) in Klamath dam just had to be protected because the Native American Tribe located therein insisted on it, and that the farmers (who eventurally had their irrigation water turned off) needed the water to grow their crops on that desert plateau they a located on. We must also keep in mind that it was the feds who built this dam and the irrigation canals, which they then used to get folks to farm this high desert.

Personally, I wish the feds would have let the river have the water, the heck with the non-native sucker the small tribe of Indians and some other wanted protected and the heck with the farmers who are raising crops in an area that would still be high desert if is wasn't for the irrigation the feds built for them.

The fish lost, the farmers lost, and the tribe lost. Ah but the beauty of the federal beaurocaracy is that the feds lost nothing. Don't you love government make work programs like the Klamath dam or the lower Snake dams?
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