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Good for you Juro - we can compare waist lines at the show

I'm now in year 4 of my mid-life 'course correction' (quitting smoking and hooking up with a trainer). When I started all the numbers were too high - weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart-rate etc. My body had finally decided that the previous years of abuse were enough. Forunately I caught it in time. Before anyting else I went and got a full-body scan and everything came back clear.

I'm now 25lb lighter, cholesterol is under control on a 1/2 dose of lipitor and on Monday my Doc decided I no longer needed one of my two blood pressure meds.

The best cardio discovery for me in the past 12 months has been jumping rope. A year ago one minute of jumping would red-line the heart rate monitor. I now do a boxing aerobic workout of 10x3 minute bouts two or three times a week as part of my regular training schedule.

I'm contemplating a new sport this season.

Cardio Flyfishing.

It's simple, you substitute shorts and a pair of trainers for the SUV and jog the surf-line with kit looking for breaking fish.
When sight fishing, look over your shoulder from time to time, you never know who's behind you
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