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RE:Night flyfishing strategies

Juro: We were fishing off the beach of "an island" located off the coast of Massachusetts. The guy holding the 1/2 striper is captain Peter O'Brien who charters out of Madaket Harbor on the west end of Nantucket. Pete was kind enough to invite me and buddy to join him and his first mate on their "night off", so I promised him I would never divulge the spot we were fishing. That night we probably caught close to 100 stripers and blues between the 4 of us fishing forabout 3 hours. Close to 95% of the stripers were "keeper" sized and we caught some real pigs, up to about 35 lbs. It was non-stop action until the men in the brown suits showed (brown and bull sharks) up and started biting all our stripers in half. This is one of about a 1/2 dozen we lost to the sharks that night.

The sharks were running in the trough just off the beach. It was a full moon night so we could see their backs and dorsal fins as they swam by in front of us. At one point I actually jabbed my rod tip into one that swam right in front of me. We stopped fishing for the night after one of the sharks (about a 7 foot brown) came up the beach out of the surf following a striper my buddy Matt was dragging out of the surf. He had bent over to unhook the striper and didn't realize the shark had followed his fish out of the water. Needless to say he was bit "shocked" and we all decided it was time to quit.
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