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RE:Night flyfishing strategies

Two of my most memorable fishing experiences took place at night. Once fishing the confluence of the North & South rivers in Marshfield, schoolies bumping into my waders, 25 -30 ft casts with dead drift along the channel edge with hookups every other cast, the moonlight over the marshes towards Scituate. 5 years ago and I can still see every detail.
The other was the opening night of the MV Derby. I was on the 'rock' for 5 days fishing solo. The weather had been crappy but I'd still had some fun. Started the night fishing bait(yes, it was that long ago!)at the State Beach and scoring big on dogfish and skates. Went to South beach to find the derby partygoers with the beach lit up with lanterns and boom boxes. Walked as far as I could to avoid the crowds and spent 2-1/2 hours with my rod bent double the whole time. Best fish nearly scared me to death when I finally surfed it up onto the sand. Nearly drowned trying to revive her in the waves.... Got back to the cottage as the sun was coming up, soaked from head to toe and shaking from the adrenelain.

Hmm, I guess I'm interested in learning more about running the night train...
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