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Thanks Juro- The Orvis website was selling their "Short Head" floaters for $19.99, so I bought a 6 and a 7. Probably match up with a Battnekill mid-arbor and start practicing. Our season opens April 1 and I am itching to get up to Grand Lake Stream and see what I can do at the dam pool with it. After two full seasons up here, I can see the utility of spey or two-handed as there are places we just can reach with conventional roads and the rivers are largely unwadeable in those spots. I went with the light rod as most of the fish I will be chasing will be 20" or less. Looks like you guys had a great time on Acklins, I got back from Eleuthera last week and I'm hooked. I actually didn't fish as much as I thought I would just because I was having so much fun cruising around the island. I'll be back there or somewhere in that neighborhood next year, no question. See you on Monomoy this summer maybe. I fish out there with a friend as much as I can. Black 19' Cape Codder.
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