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RE:Night flyfishing strategies

And a hearty welcome to the night stalker himself! (When I get to the beach during the wee hours, Mike's just leaving)

Per your comment about Tony, he often says "they only come out at night". A subtle comment but coming from him I don't take it lightly. Those backside boys know where it's at. There's a great BB developing out there on the former tip-of-the-cape site, best info on the outer cape beaches as far as I can see.

> Halogens

Yes, I admit I have been wussing out in the lights. I have been pleased to find full scale day-time like blitzes under the lights though, which didn't bother me at all.

You're right though, the partial moon, beasts sloshing in the water not ten feet in front of you and dark shadows hunting the waters edge - true night fishing.

If everyone doesn't mind sharing their findings, I'd sure like to log our observations into one pile so we can all learn from each other's mistakes and successes during our quest to compile night fishing knowledge.

Terry - I always cast with the wind coming off the rod shoulder, which makes it nearly impossible to hook myself given a reasonably consistent stroke. It seems strange to cast at night at first, but after a while the mystery of it adds to the fun. Talk about tuning into the retrieve... sometimes I don't even realize that the leader is in the guides. When a fish takes, your hair stands on end! My son said after his first deep night SWFF outing with me... "I thought the night was a scary thing but I see that it's really nice out here after dark". It was a calm summer night with a light cooling breeze and a 3/4 moon, the flood tide was gently lapping the shoreline. We caught a couple of schoolies and went back to the cottage before it got too late.
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