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RE:Night flyfishing strategies

Not supposed to be done? Don't let Stetzko read this, he believes he'll be turned to a pillar of salt if he ever wets a line in daylight.

I learned SWFF at night, for the same family reasons noted above. [Once the kids are asleep, my time is my own.] And the halogen light thing, well, it's not exactly cricket. I do have a collection of lighted docks and bridges that draw bait and schoolies, and I do visit them when I need a fix, but real nighttime striper fishing happens in real striper environments where there are no lighting fixtures.

When it's too dark to see your casts, you have to learn to cast by timing and by feeling the rod load, which is not a bad thing. Also, since the casts unroll only in your mind they can all be crisp 80-footers.
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