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No color preservative.

I agree with marketic in using no color preservative on my heavier weight rods, both fly and spin. Think about it. If you use color preservative on the rod you make a connection with the thread to the blank with something that is water soluable and brittle, sort of like thined out Elmers glue. On the other hand if you just use the epoxy finish on the thread and work it in well on the first coat then you have a solid bond to the blank and not just a shell over the brittle color preservative. I use the Flexcoat Lite finish on my blanks which I really push in the first coat to get the thread soaked so it bonds to the blank. You will need to go back and either flame or blow through a straw to get those pesky bubbles out.
Do this right after you apply the first coat and while the rod is spinning. If you are new to building don't try the flaming tech. Keep the first coat really thin so it will be easier to get the bubbles out. After that you can put on 1 or 2 additional coats on the thread to make it purty. Good luck and have fun.
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