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[QUOTE=EddieWhat an obnoxious sentiment. .[/QUOTE]

You can call it obnoxious if you like, but you missed the point. I wasn't referring to the fact that fly shop staffs generally make just over minimum wage as a way to slight them in a classist manner as you suggest with the Donald Trump remark. My point was more that some shop staff can lose sight of their spot in the fly fishing food chain. After all, you're not Lefty Kreh's equal because you rang up a couple Deceivers on the till. My point is getting attitude from shop staff can be a lot like getting attitude from the girl working the counter at Starbucks. She should remember she's fillin' the cups, not growin' the beans.

But, I'm glad you made that statement about Trump because I think that's the root of the problem with a lot of shop employees. Unfortunately they do spend a lot of time dealing with people who are the type you describe, and I believe the arrogance rubs off. Also, since they spend so much time answering simple questions from those new to the sport they begin to confuse being an expert at tying a nail knot with being an expert on all things fly fishing. That's why I said it's best not to take some of them as seriously as they take themselves.

Most of us who've been around the sport for a few decades know the difference between an expert and a wannabe. Invariably it seems the wannabes are the ones with the biggest attitudes because they use that attitude to cover up the gaps in their knowledge.

And to be fair, it's not just the staff. Some shop owners are the problem. But let's not pretend there isn't a problem and that it isn't common, because there is a problem and it is all too common.

To be sure, there are wonderful shops. And, like I said, they're awesome. There is nothing like a first class shop, or as great as dealing with people who are thoughtful, genuine, and caring. There are people who work at shops that really are experts, and there are owners who are some of the best people I've ever known. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks in the industry too. The point here is that the jerks might want to learn to straighten up and fly right since they're not the only game in town anymore.
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