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"shops are frequently staffed by folks whose egos seem to ignore the fact that they are working for just slightly more than minimum wage."

What an obnoxious sentiment. Kind of like this one in the back of every shop guys mind:

"Some customers are wanna be Donald Trump jerks that ignore the fact that if they pulled that stick out of their a@#, someone might give a s*&#. They are usually the ones that think that their money is bettter than everyone elses. They rapp their knuckles on the counter and sigh and huff as the lone clerk tries to spool up three reels, help out with a fly selection, take in a rod repair, show a new flyfisher how to tie an improved clinch knot and find a pair of size 11 guide boots. When it comes time to pay, they are ALWAYS the ones that press for a discount and some free stuff."

"Hey, give me a free fly line. I just spent a lot of money here."
"Sir, with all due respect, you don't know what "a lot of money" is (I thought you were The Donald?)."

Catch anyone at a bad time, and you might get some atttitude. Give a little atttitude, and what do you expect? It's too bad, because most people get great service and love their local flyshop. But some people will never be happy, and seem to like crapping on shop guys more than they like to fish. They are the one's that wouldn't recognize a good shop if it fell on their head.

I agree that it's all about service, and the good shops give that in spades. I feel bad for people that don't have a good shop close by.

I wanted to add: This sentiment is not directed at anyone on the FlyFishingForum. I am sure that GK was kidding around...
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