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Originally Posted by BLACK FRANCIS
flytyer nailed it.

they cost $1.85 to buy or about $1000 to tie one
Yeah, but the second one is only 35 cents, and same for the third one, etc...

Anyone who thinks getting in to fly tying is going to save themselves money is crazy. I've spent WAY more money of tying materials than I would have if I'd just bought flies. I just enjoy tying. I'd tie and sell flies but I'm just not that good a tyer. (I'm also slow enough that I'd be better off flipping burgers at McDonalds.)

What fly tying allows you to do is to experiment with flies you'd never consider paying money for. My wife got me a copy of "Tying Flies with Foam and Feathers" for Christmas last year so I've been tying a bunch of weird foam terrestrials. I've also been tying some of the patterns in Gary LaFontaine's "Trout Flies: Proven Patterns" Some of them are really bizarre. But what the heck, I'll give them a try.

Having said all that, if you only fish with the same 4 or 5 patterns you can get an inexpensive vise, some tools and materials for less than $150 and have enough materials to tie a hundred flies. The second hundred will be cheaper. But once you get into tying you'll find yourself spending way more on different materials than you would have for the flies...
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