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Reading this post gives me 2 thoughts:
1. Sometimes, people are just having a bad life, I like to go by the trend vs single occurance give the person a second try....if the attitude is the same, it's a trend and I take my business elsewhere
2. for fly shop owners.....I will share how I felt 5 years ago entering a fly shop for the 1st time when I was a newbie and thought that a "butt section" was my behind.
I was all hopped up about retiring and doing something I always had an interest in, but not a clue to go about it. I was relunctant to go into a shop and display my ignorance.....I knew that I needed stuff...but what....what was good...what did I really need.....patience was the key, especially in answering questions that were so elementary as I look back now.....everyone starts at the beginning.....what is "old" for the owner is new to someone....don't kill the excitement and earn a customer for life.
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