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Originally Posted by BLACK FRANCIS
i run a fly shop and i couldn't agree more. well except for the cabela's purchase . service is pretty much what we do have to offer. it is a very competitive business and we gain a ton of business every year by being nice to everyone, period. you just never know who you are talking to either. i have been amazed to find out who i just spent an hour with picking out wading boots when handed a credit card. millionaires look just like the rest of us on their days off.
as mentioned please tell your friend that shops are not all like that. hopefully there is another shop in the area to try.

"shops are frequently staffed by folks whose egos seem to ignore the fact that they are working for just slightly more than minimum wage."

Grant, this is a great quote i may just use it for my signature
As a customer of Nick's (black frances) OOFS fly shop I can tell you I always give them first crack at supplying my needs. I can't count the ways he and his staff have been helpful to me. They make you feel like you're more than a customer and the expertise they're willing to share is second to none.
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