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NOT my KNOT...


Im talking the loop on the butt section - attached to the loop on the fly line.
I searched for a diagram of the perfection loop - couldn't find any.

What I have is a double surgeon's loop that tends to bunch-up (unless I'm just pulling wrong) The surg. works fine for smaller dia. leaders. But if I'm running a long leader I am leary of it jamming up in the top guide.

I was looking for some other options (the perfection might be it),
possibly I might try doubling over and kevlar thread wrapping, with some flex cement or aquaseal (Anyone ever try this??)

You have a really nice loop out of the Rio line and I hate to have a big lump of a knot attached.

The other answer I was expecting was "shut up and fish! - It's not a problem"

Thanks for the responce,
Let me know if you have seen a perfection loop diagram.

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