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That 17 Bristol is beautiful. Do you know if it is still on the water somewhere in New England? Out here in the NW there seems to be many similiar type wooden run abouts still going. One reason is they stay in the water most of the year and that seems better for them then being stored to dry out. There are a lot of them at the marina with beautiful custom canvous covers. Some still have the old 35 rudes in perfect working order.

As for me my grandfather gave me the family dory when I was 6 years old. I really couldn't carry the oars they were too big. Hard to get those oars moving in the right dirrection but once you did that dory moved pretty good. The dory came down to Weymouth from his fathers farm in New Brunswick, in the deprression they fished Cod and farmed both to survive. Wish I still had it for a hobby project to work on with my son.

Now I'm stuck with a bunch of boats, a 32 foot Rhodes Chesapeke sloop that I can't part with I love it so much. We keep it in Seattle 5 minutes from the house. We also have a Mason 44 cutter sloop which we are spending every bit of our spare time preping for a circumnavigation of the world next year. We just put a new Yanmar 56 hp in her this month and had all the standing rigging done new, mast painted and should be stepped next week. Plus the needed inflatables(2) Kayaks and a small 12 foot sloop my 13 yearold built last year. I even think there is a drift boat somewhere around. Our entire life is boats and as much as we love them the entire family can't wait to get out to my daughters ranch in Wyoming soon to get away from damn things for a couple weeks. If we had some good saltwater fishing still out here on the Puget Sound I would just own a Parker with an inboard and deep V. There would be a really good ice box in it and plenty of cold beer.

Today I had Your neighbors 57 chevy pass me on the road. Light green and white two tone and in mint condition, it was perfect I tell you.
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