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In my opinion, you're better off on Andros with about three patterns, but tied in a variety of sizes and with different weighting options. Gotchas will almost always do the trick. From size 2 to size 8 with blind, bead chain, and dumbbell weighting. I even vary the color of the wing somewhat from tan to more of a peachy shrimp color. It's not ununusual for me to have about 50 Gotchas, but no more than three of them, and usually fewer, are identical. I also bring Clousers in the same sizes and bring at least chartreuse and white, tan and white, and the secret fly--pink and white with red eyes and black pupils. My other flies are usually some crabs tied on a size 4 or 6 hook. They are very simple ties, with no rubber legs. I usually use small dumbbell eyes, antron yarn for the body and Craft Fur or real polar bear for a tail. Almost all of them are tied in a off-white color that pretty much matches the bottom in the North Bight area. There are trips where this fly outfishes everything else for me. I heading down again (second trip this year already) a week from tomorrow. Can't wait.
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