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Pimp my ride!

What was your very first ride, be it boat, canoe, kayak, or float tube?

Back than:

Here's mine, a 17 foot Bristol with 3/8 marine plywood and teak transom. Back than it was pushed by a 'Rude 35 hp. manual pull start. Later I indulged and repowered it with a 33 hp Evanrude electric start. No charging unit. No electronics than. You payed attention in shallow rocky areas.

Very few SUV's around than, unless you own an International or Jeep. Had no problem pulling the rig with a 1962 Chevy Bel Aire with a 383 cu. in. block. That's my neighbors 57 Chevy in the background.


What was your first rig or current for that matter? Seems like it would be great question this time of year. What type of vessel and time (year) you got into boating might be interesting
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