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loops in frog hair running line

Just bought a spool of the new frog hair running line to play with. Its a mono line and seems fairly limp. Hopefully it will perform as advertised and not tangle. Anyway, the stuff is to slick to get a braided mono loop to hold. I found suggestions on the web to use a bimini or perfection loop on this line. But the bimini ties up way to big (maybe thats just my lack of skill wiith this knot) and the perfection loop creates a loop with a fairly ugly lump for a knot. Looping the line back on itself and tieing two nail knots looks like a good solution but the line is so hard the nail knots don't bite well so i'm not sure I trust it. I tried Juro's loop, but the braid over the mono creats a big loop when doubled back, and I not sure if I gain any more strength then I would with just the two nail knots.
Does anyone have any suggestions for creating loops for this line?
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