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I probably would be hiking no more than 2-4 miles per day. Some of it would be over fairly difficult terrain but not much. Years ago, I used to put my waders, fishing gear, food, water etc. and hike up to mountain lakes in Colorado but it was exhausting and I was a fairly young man, I'm not interested in any real long treks.

I just got the impression that wading boots are fairly fragile....they certainly look fragile to me...have read that they are not that easy to replace the felt soles, I thought it might not be a bad idea to save them for fishing situations. It appears that you think otherwise.

I appreciate your time, advice, and perspective in responding to my post.

With everything you say that matches my suspicions, , I'm not sure either that you get 1and half to 2x the value for the corresponding cost by going to a top of the line Simms wader as opposed to a mid priced LLBean or Orvis product. I am considering the Simms L2 which is their midpriced wader, btw.

Thanks again for your advice, Teflon.

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