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Getting restarted

I quit in the middle 80's for a variety of reasons:

crowds too large in Missouri's state parks
not enough time because of work and family
other interests

Well since I'm retiring in June and the need to spend time with family is not as great, I've been getting the bug to take up fly-fishing for trout again.

I've bought an upgraded rod/reel combo from what I have still sitting in the closet. FWIW, I bought a SAGE Launch with a Ross reel and SA fly line. I'm happy with the choice but one thing that's hit me is that the price of everything has gone up dramatically over the years.

Can someone give advice on waders of the stocking foot variety? I am not that cheap and am considering Simms products (L2) but is it really worth spending that much on something that's going to wear out in 4 or 5 years? Also, is it possible to put some type of hiking boot over the neoprene stockings to hike to your destination? I'd like to save the felt boots for actually fishing the water.

Also, if anyone has info on fishing these rivers in Missouri: Meramec, Current, and North Fork...I'm all ears. I'm not above occasionally fishing the trout parks but am interested in a bit more solitude.


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