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Sounds decadent but decent to the bod... good one I'll try it.

On a related note I've improved my berry "pattern"...

Microwave the fresh blueberries with some blackberries thrown in. Micro the blackberries first for like 20 secs, then throw the blueberries in for 30 secs to get an even degree of done-ness.

Blast with Smart Balance Butter Blast spray - soy based butter flavor with zero calories, zero fat, zero carbs! This complements the natural sweet juices that come out of the berries when microwaved and makes it taste like the filling of a good pie or cobbler.

Let cool a little then one dollop of whipped cream (15 calories, 1.5g carb - non fat even better) and enjoy!

I am going to try adding some crushed walnuts or slivered roasted almonds (off the charts in monosaturated 'good' fats and a good source of protein) next.

Berries particularly blueberries are considered to be a critical part of a health diet regimen and among other things are the single highest source of antioxidants listed on the nutrition chart.

The total has very low calories, low fat, low carbs but tastes amazing.
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