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Actually, they don't, and they're not...

Loggers and the companies that purchase timber off of federally administered public lands do not pay for or are otherwise responsible for reforestation actions/planting of trees. The managing agency is. Loggers don't put down a deposit or another other bond directed at reforestation actions. The bonds they put down are in lieu of the timber reciepts of purchased timber, w/ promise to compensate the federal government for the full purchase price of the timber they bid for on contract. Further, as a result of the Organic Act, and the National Forest Management Act, it is in direct violation of the law for federally administered public lands NOT to be reforested after timber harvest such as a clearcut. Under the National Forest Management Act, along w/ agency specific regulations directing reforestation and timber harvest actions, planting of harvested timber sale units MUST be done such that a full potential stocking level is achieved within 5 years of the harvest. If not done, the decision, and the decision maker are liable for damages for not following the law.
There certainly have been instances where a clearcut has been placed that was ecologically unable to sustain replanting efforts w/in that 5 year period. But if reference is being made to clearcuts along the Cascades, that is not the case. On the other hand - when Boise Cascade, or Plum Creek, Louisiana Pacific, or any of the other private landowners decide to cut the timber off w/ a clearcut, they themselves can avoid replanting costs, and thus reforestation period, by simply selling the land to someone else, who then inherits that responsibility. Often they can't afford to replant, and thus don't, even tho state laws governing those private lands require it...
I can point to a LOT of private timber lands that have fallen to that fate after a company either liquidates and goes banrupt, or cuts and runs, leaving the mess to the next purchaser.....
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