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More and more I find myself expressing my opinions based on my experiences, like 36 years of steelheading with a fly (sometimes doing that while living out of the back of my car), on the Umpqua, the Deschutes or the Clearwater from August through October fishing everyday for the 3 months.

Then there's 25 years of saltwater, like doing two 15 day trips a year to Andros or Belize for 9 years. Oh, I almost forgot, how about catching stripers from a pram behind the old PanAm hanger at SFO.

And then the last 13 years I've been fishing out of my flats boat a couple hundred days a year, mostly for snook, redfish, tarpon and bonefish with one trip a year to the Northwest to steelhead fish.

Memorable fish? Ah, there've been a few and I'm still glad I came to Florida to chase snook!

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