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Originally Posted by Capt. Mel Simpson
Now, I was in the Keys March and April of last year and at Homosassa in May and June so I only night fished for Snook in upper Tampa Bay during the red tide so maybe that was the problem. I heard that the red tide really hurt the fish and made them sort of like hooking a spawned out Sandy River hatchery Steelhead in February.

The snook is an awesome fish. However it would seem by this account that you've not hooked many memorable steelhead. The snook I've caught, although I haven't set any records, have been about half the fight of a striper and about a third of a bluefish at best. And that's just a fraction of a Thompson River steelhead or a Neah Bay chinook salmon, and with the acrobatics of a big slab-sided Sekiu hooknose leaving you dizzy enough to fall overboard I can't say that I see the comparison. I've hooked bonefish that have destroyed my drag and made me go out and buy all new gear, unfortunately I haven't landed one of these scary beasts, maybe this year. At least if these had been snook I could have landed them to tell about it. But then they wouldn't have been monster bones, just snook.

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