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I don't know what you are comparing catching a Snook to, but I grew up in Oregon and have fly fished for Steelhead from the Grande Ronde to the Umpqua and also in Idaho, Washington and British Columbia. I've fly fished for Bonefish and Permit in the Bahamas, Belize and the Keys. In 1993 I moved to the west coast of Florida to expressly fly fish for Snook (the Redfish and the Giant Tarpon here were just an added enticement). And I've never been disappointed. Catching a Snook while sight casting on a shallow flat, or at night or in the backcountry mangroves can be a rod breaking experience! I guess I just find the whole sight fishing experience so much more exciting than three quarters down and swing.

Now, I was in the Keys March and April of last year and at Homosassa in May and June so I only night fished for Snook in upper Tampa Bay during the red tide so maybe that was the problem. I heard that the red tide really hurt the fish and made them sort of like hooking a spawned out Sandy River hatchery Steelhead in February.

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