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Hi there,
In my opinion snook and barracuda are family of the pike. In the Netherlands where I live I catch a lot of pike on the fly, back home (aruba) thereīs cudaīs and snooks which I caught on several techniques.
All three fish of this family give me a huge thrill, the aggressive style of attacking bait or flies is fabulous. Adrenaline rushes whenever all of a sudden itīs that big assault on your bait. But after the strike most of these fish tend to drill a lot easier then other fish, for example jacks or bones in the sea, or trout or carp in freshwater. I think itīs the way they feed, the way they are build.
They are opportunistic hunters/feeders, top of the top predators. They stand still and wait for their chance. Then itīs a huge very very fast anaerobic strike, but afterwards itīs also back to the slow mode to recharge the muscles. They have a lot of white muscles which are of quick strong action, but they donīt have the real endurance type (red muscles). I think thatīs why the drills most of the times are short. After dealing with that first explosion of energy the fish gets tired quickly, so basically the drills wonīt be with long runs.

Well, thatīs my opinion, wonder what the rest thinks about it...
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