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Battles with Snook

Don't get me wrong about this, guys and gals.

I had my first experience with Snook last year off Englewood Beach and environs in mid-central, west Florida.

I caught fish to about 8 lbs. on flies using an 8 wt. rod. I've caught less than a dozen. While I enjoyed the experience, and the absolute beauty of the species, I thought the fish a little on the wimpy side, judging from their reputation. Beyond the first strong bolt for the mangroves, the fish showed little resistance to being reeled in and released.

I fished in April, cold temperatures, and an unprecendented lack of bait (red tide had plagued the area about a month before).

I intend to fish for these assassins whenever and wherever I can:


What are your comments on the game abilites of snook? To me, they seem like extremely beautiful large-mouth bass.

I hope to be disabused of this illusion,


Steelheader in Oregon
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