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Although I am not the authority on the subject Skagit lines can be the cheapest lines in the world if you have the time, knowledge and materials. However like many things I buy them rather than make them because the ones you can buy are ready to fish as soon as you can string them up.

Another thing about these lines is that they overhead like crazy. With a slight nuance being that good rods to load with Skagit casts aren't always the best to overhead cast, you can reach out and bomb an overhead cast where the bank opens up.

With most striper fishing you want to avoid a lot of loop connections because we strip right to the butt - however in a canal current we would leave more line out making it much more pleasant to fish regardless of the number of loop connections. So even a homemade "modular" Skagit line system fits well.

That means you can switch from floating to intermediate to sinking without a spare spool.

Since the canal is like 10 times bigger than the Thompson River in British Columbia I suspect new adaptations of the existing Skagit systems will evolve from the same initial basis of what Ed Ward, Mike Kinney and the Cascade Mtn gang cooked up to deal with their challenges. Tyler Kushnir is a Thompson veteran who is a Skagit disciple and he makes a trip to the cape in summer for stripers. If he comes out this year we should ask him to give the group a presentation or just watch his monster casts.

Here a 15ft Skagit action rod makes a lot of sense where the trend in rivers out west has been to squeeze out big rod action from smaller outfits. Maybe even a 16-17ft or 18ft canal blaster. In fact I am certain that the canal spey casting will involve a big rod (coming from the shorter is better on the beach guy )

On the beach I still prefer a shorter faster overhead action rod but I could see a mondo skagit casting setup to throw macks, bunker and squid flies in a convincing manner on the ditch. This is a swing fishery with a strip action included, but a swing fishery none the less.

I could see a foot long blueback fly flinging out into the night lights during the herring run.

I could see a foam bodied squid fly waking and hopping in the rip and getting blasted hard enough to make your heart pop out of your chest on a foggy ditch dawn.

yeah I think you got something there!
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