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Couldn't make the show - sounds like it was a blast.

I'd toss a spike mack imitation if you hit it later in the year. In my experience, an hour after low on the CCB side is when the rips start to set up. This is not the best time for surface feeding but if you can get near the bottom in just the right places it may result in some decent fish. It's amazing how being just a few yards off in some spots can give a skunk while getting just the right drift and bounce will give up fish consitently, I have not fished it with the fly rod accept in the obvious spots like pip's and the west end flats so this is coming from the days of drifting bait, rubber and deep jigging. I personally would not throw a sinker in the ditch if you are not prepared to lose it so I'm very interested to see the results others have had. If I remember correctly an East turning tide at dawn (slack at sunrise) usually has a good surface feed, but be forewarned there have been times I couldn't reach them with conventional gear which I'm willing to bet will go 4-5 times the distance of the best flycast. Mobility is a real advantage, it's quite popular to ride a bike on the access road to get better / more shots at breaking fish or jump around from rip to rip. You can learn a great deal in a short time by riding the canal a few mornings. If you can figure out how to get a cast off and keep from losing gear, you should have a blast.
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