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Hey, JD Flies,

I don't know where exactly you live in south west Florida, but last April I got a chance to fish out of Englewood Beach, which is sort of in south west Florida and may be near where you live.

I had a great time learning how to fish for snook and thoroughly enjoyed myself doing it. We fished for them during the day, throwing flies up into the mangrove roots on a rising tide; we fished for them at night (with some success, I might add) in the pass that leads into the Gulf of Mexico; and we fished for them under the snook lights you describle so well.

It was sort of a toss up as to which style of fishing I preferred, mangroves or lights, but the light fishing was definitely a blast. I learned the value of heavy fluorocarbon shock tippet really fast as the odd fish was not a lady fish (what weirdos those are) but blue fish, which chomped my 12# fluorcarbon as if it were made of spun sugar. Pull. Wiggle. Wiggle. Gone.

Can't wait to try for those ol' snookies again.


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