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It was good fun and nice to finally get to a show this ear. Unforunately it reminded me we are still at least 1 month and half before we can start fishing...

Really looking forward to a good season with all the forum members. It will be my first full season in striper country and think it is going to be a good one.

As far as skagit casting the canal. The atlantis which I think you have does admirably with a rio 650 grain skagit line on it. Not a true spey rod but you can reach out to 70-80' pretty easily. It will throw a 26' RIO big boy sink tip which will get you plenty deep if needed and throwing the biggest flies you can find. Probably a good starting point as you can stick with a rod you already have.

Of course there are better rods out there to skagit cast with and Juro and I both own a few of them. You guys show us some canal spots and we would be happy to bring a few different setups and do some impromtu lessons on what I know about the casting style. As far as spey casting styles is is in my mind the easiest one for beginner casters to start using right away.

Seriously if there is enough interest we should set something up for early spring before the migration really gets going. That way you all have some time to practice before the big boys show up.


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