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snook in the lights

where i live in south west florida, there are a large number of docks that have "snook lights" at the end of them. i've read a lot of articles on fishing the lights and most of them seem to recomend casting in to the dark, letting the fly drift through the lit area of the water and the snook will ambush the fly as it drifts back in to the dark of the shadow line. where i live this isnt true, if the fly reaches the dark you will only hook up with lady fish which dont want to get too close to the snook but are also attracted to the lights for an easy meal. i noticed that the snook sit directly in the light with the smaller snook near the surface and the larger ones near the bottom. you can see them blasting small bait fish and shrimp as they drift through the light, and you can get pretty close to them and watch the show. at first they may drop out of sight when you show up but they will return a few minutes later and continue to feed. for flies the best seem to be small #4-#6 all white crazy charlies, small white bendbacks with a good amount of flash, and small clousers. most of the time you will only be able to get one fish from a light before they "get smart" and wont touch a fly again. just move to a nother light and you should get a hook up with in the first few casts. a night of light hopping is fun and a good way to land a lot of fish!

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