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Just as an update to this thread ... I just finished a research paper on the issue of the sustainability of drift-net fishing for salmon off the Irish coast (short answer - it's not). I shared my results with the marine spokesman for the main opposition party in Ireland as a courtesy as I interviewed him as part of my research on policy - the current minister didn't respond to queries. The main point of my paper was that the benefits (economic, ecologic, and social) from salmon as a sport-fishing resource far outweighed those from commercial fishing.

Apart from a ban on drift-net fishing, I also recommended a widespread catch-and-release policy - open to re-evaluation after 3 years. I know that the latter won't be popular with some anglers (maybe not here), but I think that it's crucial that every effort be made to conserve the species.

Anyway, he emailed me back stating that he will be using some of my points in formulating his party's policy on the topic. I hope it's a step in the right direction.

I'll be back home in June on my honeymoon and I plan on having a day or two on the Moy. Hopefully, I'll have a swipe at some stripers on Plum Island before then.
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