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I just realized there were a couple of questions posted that I never saw. If anybody still cares I'll answer them...

Originally Posted by SDHflyfisher
Do you know how well this stands up to being eaten by fish?
It can get kinked by fish, so I don't use this method in time-intensive flies. It'll usually work perfectly for at least a few fish, then after that slowly loses its effectiveness. When it wears out, I just clip it off and now I have a non-weedless version of the fly.

Originally Posted by flytyer
Why not just use a loop of medium or hard mono (such as Maxima) in the manner of Dave Whitlock for a weed guard? They are very easy and quick to tie while being extremely effective.
I don't find these to be effective. They usually don't align with the hook point well so you still end up getting weeds on them, and the gentle curve of them tends to allow weeds to deform them slightly and the weeds still find the hook point. I really think they make it more difficult to get good hooksets too. I have far better hook rates with these weed guards than with mono.
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