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Having been to some of those Islands in the early 70's I can tell you that there are a lot of bones. Both fish and human! The Andaman Islands are starting to allow people to visit some islands, not the ones mentioned in the article. The locals did very well when the tsunami hit last year. It is said that they knew it was coming because they are so well intuned with nature.

If you want incredible bone fishing look at a world atlas of the entire chain of islands that run north in the Indian Ocean from the Andamans. The whole coast of Burma is untouched I bet as far as fishing goes. There are reports that Burma is starting to allow some cruising sail boats into the their islands now, so maybe fishermen won't be far behind. I am hoping by the time we get to that area of the world on our sail that we can do a little fishing and surfing. One of the last untouched areas of the world.
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