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works great!

for sheephead tie a small crazy charlie in all black with a little gold flash, and keep the fly slowly moving if you stop the sheephead will turn off of the fly in a hurry! when they hit the fly they will usually pin the fly to the bottom and then suck it in. so when you see the sheephead "dip" his head down pause for a split second then strike. it only takes a sheep head a fraction of a second to suck in a small crab or barnicle,crush it, swallow the meal and spit out the empty shell, so if you wait too long he'll just suck in the fly and spit it back out. the fly i tie is in #4-#6 wrap the shank of the hook with black thread to "build it up a little" then make a few wraps over the thread with gold flash, use clear epoxy over the body and dumbell eyes. once dry tie in a short wing of black calf tail (crazy charlie style) then epoxy the thread between the eye of the hook and the dumbell eyes. this fly is killer on sheep head in the shallows around oyster beds.
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