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Nick Pionessa OOFS
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i have cast all of these except the Orvis. the T&T HII is definitly faster than the helix. acording to T&T, the tapers of the old horizons were changed very little they added the BAFT technology to the HII rods. both rods are terrific with a very straight, no torque punch even if pushed hard. the winston B2X has the softest tip but is still a powerful rod just doesn't seem as powerful as the rest of the rods in that class. if you like light tips these rods are great. the sage XI2 is a cannon as well but feels a little on the stiff side in the tip section. they are very straight tracking as well but a little too stiff for my taste, faster than the T&T HII. the two not mentioned that you should try out before doing anything are first Scott S3S which is an amazing rod with a ton of power but without feeling overly stiff, just the right blend imho, a real smooth casting but extremely powerful rod. lastly the new Scott E2 is very fast very light and costs considerably less than the others mentioned. it has a finished, polished blank and tip over butt ferrules and doesn't for a second feel like a mid priced rod. faster than the S3S and all but the sage XI2.

in conclusion i personally like the T&T HII and the Scott S3S the most. i would try and cast every one you can get your hands on and decide from there. i almost don't think you could make a bad choice out of any of these rods but you may like one better than the rest. good luck.
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