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I'll give a review on a T&T Helix 908s-4. I didn't cast the H2 so I can't compare the two, the shop I bought it from said the He is a little faster than the H2, and I've heard the H2 is quite different from the original Horizon (I have a 6 wt. and it is awesome to cast). I find the rod casts very well with an 8 wt. long head line (Rio salmon/steelhead), and also well with a 9 wt. short head line. It casts very straight and has good distance. I found it tricky at first to cast weighted flies and sinktips, you have to purposefully try to slow the rod down. Under normal circumstances it will cast very tight loops and casts well into the wind. My biggest gripe is that there is no hookeeper on the rod. The reel seat functions well and the stripping guides (2) are of sufficient diameter. I'll give the finish a 4/5, it's good but plain. Red thread on a blue blank. I like the way the ferrules fit together, very positive. There is an alignment dot on the butt section only. It's had a couple of nice fish on the end of it, and some nice bends in the middle of it, I thought it held up ok in the fight department. The tube is very nice, I want to make a sock for the tube so I don't scratch it! Does anyone know if these tubes have a vent in them? (for pressure change like in a plane) The price is a little up there, I suppose, but so is anything else in that range.
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