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If you have loads and loads of branches and sharp objects in your waters I am wondering why you would not go for a hard shell (polyethylene) kayak?

Do you need to walk long distances with the kayak? Is storage or car transport an issue?

I spent a fair amount of time fishing out of a Sevylor raft (inflatable) in Alaska. I had a float plane drop me off on a remote island and I used the raft to fish various rivers and lakes. It was reliable and dependable. I rowed that thing for over 5 miles and fished in it on a regular basis.

In preparation for fishing AK in the raft I gave the raft a test drive on some lakes in Maine. Within reason it handled the rocky and brush laden lakes.

So, if you need an inflatable I have had luck with Sevylor in various fishing locales.

But if you have easy access at your fishing hole I would go for a cheap hard shell kayak.

My thoughts. Good luck.

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