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RE:Monomoy Gear & Schedules

Roop - the exclusive charter to south island will not be possible due to circumstances beyond our control. We will be fishing North Monomoy and South beach options.

All -

John provides great firshand advice. I'd add to the backpack note... if you have an inflatable life preserver bring it. If any of you do not swim you should be aware that there is no charter here (except while on the boat), no liability but your own. Be cautious to keep the wading to a minimum, and do not take chances out on the primitive refuge. The island is nothing but birds, sand, seals and stripers. Those who have fished it before, and off-duty shore guides like John will help answer questions and help people find fish - but the responsibility for safety is your own!


I carry a Sealine waterproof backpack to the island. It's sweathy on the back, but it contains:

(a) water
(b) sunblock
(c) inflatable PFD's
(d) cell phone
(e) more water
(f) energy bars
(g) first aid kit
(h) lightweight sandals
(i) light rainjacket / if needed

... in a tightly sealed waterproof bag.


Choose clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Layers make sense, you can always take something off but you can't create something to stay warm once you're out there.

Hot Weather...

On hot days, the best choice is a quick-dry flats-style shirt with long sleeves. The fabric is airy and the sleeves protect the arms from burn. Hands will require a little sunblock on the backs of the hands, but be careful not to wipe your mouth with the backs of your hands in the salty sun. Why? Tastes like ####.


Breathable waders are the ticket, but wet wading is possible on warm days. My advice to wet waders is use polypropylene underwear, don't go bare under floppy shorts. You only need to get stung by organisms down there once to know what I mean. Sure, we swim without anything under the shorts but we don't often stand around for hours in tide flow. When swimming you avoid the soupy stuff, when fishing that's where the bait is. Also use the quick-dry shorts designed for this stuff. <b>If you wet wade, bring LOTS of bullfrog or other waterproof sunblock.</b> But stay down current of me please!


I like scuba boots. Whatever you use, the walking should be easy on sand because you'll be doing a lot of it. You don't have to do a lot of it - you'll find fish all over the place, but the really great spots are a good stroll apart on the island.

Hats / glasses:

You should definitely wear a hat and polarized glassed. Some prefer amber for the easy viewing, some prefer charcoal. I'm a charcoal kind of guy for flats viewing. But have the other tints in the truck just in case.

Note also that the back of the neck can get extrememly burned... some flats shirts have the flip-up collar, otherwise a hat with a desert rat flap will save you from some real discomfort around the neckline. Some of us will need to wear ties to work and it's no fun with lobstah neck.


For the most part, a standard 9wt outfit with two lines will do the trick. If you have only an intermediate line, you'll be fine but it should be clear if possible. The second line should be a full sink / or QD style sinking head with intermediate running line. An 8wt will work but good luck landing a cow; a 10wt if sweet enough to cast all day and make gentle presentations would be even better. Unfortunately, the best balance of stealth and stoutness is usually in the 9wt class. I will be fishing my RPLXi 990-3 with a clear 444 intermediate and extra spool to field test the new Rio Deep Seas 300 grain "QD style" line for Bill Senegal (Rio rep).

If anyone is interested in testing the clear intermediate striper line from Rio, please email me privately.

I will be fishing 7-9 foot leaders with flourocarbon tippets on the end of the clear lines; but shorter leaders have historically worked fine for me on the sinking lines "between the humps".


Because flats == sand eels and crabs, it's a must to have good looking flies to imitate these two morsels. The silverside and juive herring come next.

The juvie flounder, young searobins, chubs, and shrimp play an important role; but I won't be covering them this time around.

Squid flies will be along in case they make a push inside, and because they are around on the outside they will be fresh on the minds of the fish. Poppers in case of blues or a blitz situation, for sure. I'm bringing everything but it's critical to have sand eels, silversides, juvie herring and crabs covered in my box for this flats fishing game.

Chest pack:

In my chest pack I carry:

a) flybox
b) compass
c) whistle
d) extra leader and tippet spools
e) extra spool
f) clippers and all that jazz
g) measuring tape

Also - bring a camera!
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