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RE:Monomoy Gear & Schedules


Here is my thinking for this weekend....I planned on bringing both an Intermediate (clear) and a Type 4 or 6 sinking line. My reasoning is that if the fish are not up on the flats, I want some other options to pursue. Last year on one of my trips, almost all of the fish taken where in deeper holes and not on the flats. I was fortunate to have the sinking line with me.

When it comes to flies, I plan on bringing a multitude of clousers in all white, chartrues and white, olive and white, and tan and white. They will have "heavy to bead chain eyes" on them to target different depths. I will also bring a few crab flies and some sand eel patterns. I also plan on bringing an extra 4 piece rod attached to my backpack and extra reel. It is an awful place to be should you break your rod or have a reel fail !!

Try to travel as lite as possible........bring water and minimal food in your pack in you are planning on staying from first to last shuttle.

The long range forcast I saw talks about very warm temps and lots of sun. Hopefully that forcast will hold.....Please let me know if you have any other questions and I can pass along my thoughts......

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